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Fresh seafood and Jersey milk are perhaps Jersey restaurants greatest claims to culinary fame. The latter produces the richest butter and cream that are staples in Island cooking.  For restaurants wanting to advertise, your FREE listing is a click away but be sure to check out other exciting options.  

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Fluffy Fuhka Anyone?

Jersey's very own local cheesemakers are gaining recognition, attracting media attention and pleasing tastebuds around the world.

Favorite Restaurants

Whether you're a local or tourist, these restaurants are a must visit! Each unique with a wide selection of foods to cater to your needs!

by Buddy
Recent Restaurant Reviews
by Tina Field 14.11.19
Fantastic food, the flavours that we experienced in our dishes were out of this world, the service is excellent we can not fault it at all apart from having to ask for a menu nearly half an hour after we sat down but overall the experience was wonderful. Leon Hesketh
by Tina Field 14.11.19
Another amazing meal at our favourite restaurant. The game taster menus is fabulous. I don't normally have desert but the lollipop chocolate desert is not to be missed. Don't know how they do it, a full restaurant but made us feel like we were the only diners, can't recommend this restaurant highly enough. Alison...
by Jersey Owner 06.08.19
Excellent food and service. Comes highly recommend. Great food · Daily specials Sean June 2019
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