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TuitionJerseyci is ready for 2019-2020 and the new terms:   English lessons to suit all levels, ages and individuals. Getting off to a strong start, to build up confidence and enjoyment of English Language and Literature is vital.   Preparation for entry exams to Victoria College, College for Girls is advisable to plan early in the school year, even tuition for once a month or fortnight.   GCSEs, GCEs? Re-sits of autumn and summer exams for English need preparation from now, for the candidate to have solid skills.   Home-schooling learners can benefit from tuition, when there are areas that need a bit extra support. Discounted rates are given.   Adults and Business: Copy-editing, proofreading, university application statements, and all writing projects undertaken.   Call TuitionJerseyci on 07829 855204  

by Tina Field
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