Bruno is a gorgeous dog that is full of character and sure to entertain you, who is looking for his forever home.He needs an active home with someone who is used to larger breed dogs. He had a hard start in life but he has been brought along beautifully. He is in foster with Zeff but she plans to travel, those plans have been on hold whilst Bruno is found a home. In Zeffs words.......A year ago today this special boy moved into our house! And what a year its been! He is a different dog to the one who landed on our doorstep. Unfortunately for Bruno it's not been the best year for rehoming, he found a home in August last year and with one thing or another it was a few months until he could move in and unfortunately due to their own personal circumstances in November he came back after a few weeks of him moving in and we were all devastated. Christmas was soon after so I decided to wait until January to start looking again and of course soon after that Covid19 hit.So, Bruno hasn't had much luck. He hasn't had the best start in life and in total has moved 9 times that I know of in the short 3 years of his life. Its time he finds his forever home so he can settle once and for all! And before anyone mentions it, no he can't stay with me forever 😆 As much as I love him, like I do with all my fosters, I can't keep him for many reasons. The main one being I wasn't even supposed to be here. I was supposed to be away traveling but had to cancel because a certain someone needed a place to go! He is the most amazing and fun loving boy who is quirky and weird and so super funny. He is a joy to be around and we all love him so much. He loves his friends and loves having a social life and meeting up with all his pals (human and dog and more recently a new chicken friend! 😂). It's so sad that someone hasn't taken a chance on him yet as he has so much to offer and he is amazing in so many ways.His album on my Facebook page has loads of pictures and videos of everything he has been up to and is public so can be shared   Please Contact Zeffrienne D'ulivo-rogers or email on:

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