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  • Original and most comprehensive local business directory
  • Distributed between April and May, each year, to all homes and businesses in the island
  • Highly respected publication that is retained and used by all sectors of the community
  • Annual distribution of at least 60,000 copies

Tried & Trusted

  • An advertorial full-colour 1/3 page advert highlighting long-established and successful local businesses
  • Position in a prime location within the directory, at the front of the Classified section
  • Available to any local business that has been trading in the island for 5 years or more
  • Advert includes editorial content, image, contact details and how long the business has been established and trading


Directory Premium Positions

JT Directory.com

The Island’s most comprehensive and well-established online directory.

JT Directory.com is a valuable and reputable source of information on Jersey businesses and island-life in general. New or amended content is detailed within your listing and re-distributed worldwide within minutes of publication. The more details you provide about your business within your listing, the more you will benefit form our exceptional relationship with Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

JT Directory.com provides end-users with the unique ability to find both personal and business listings all under one roof. That’s what makes JT Directory.com the island’s No. 1 choice and our statistics speak for themselves:

JT Directory.com

Elite Package Entry  |  Elite Entry  |  Ultra Entry  |  Standard Listing  | Classifcation Advert (MPU)


JT Insight - Home Page

Your cost effective media route to JT Insight

JT Insight is the island’s most popular online portal for Jersey Businesses and is the go-to sight for local news, weather, flight times and classified advertising. It provides a great platform to reach-out to your chosen audience with over 60,000 unique visitors and nearly 4 million page views each month.

JT Insight - Classified


JT Rewards - Home Page

Why JT Rewards?

Our ‘Daily Deals’ and online ticket sales platform has one of the fastest growing user-base in Jersey with over 30,000 registered subscribers in our database. JT Rewards provides a great low-cost and no-risk way to reach our local audience with attractive deals and new business ideas. Our regular Meal Deals and Last Minute overnight hotel stays are always popular with our users, as are our seasonal Romantic and Festive Rewards features.

We can advertise your latest offers, sales or discounts with our most cost-effective banner advertising. You can choose to feature your business in our daily email that is sent to all 30,000 of our users.


Sponsored Article

  • From as little as £3.30 per day!
  • Got something to say? Tell us and we’ll tell our users
  • A unique opportunity to tell others about your business or particular areas of expertise
  • Featured on the JT Directory homepage
  • Display text, images and video
  • Users can leave Comments

We can provide statistics on your Article audience providing you with a unique insight into your target demographic and to help you better understand and plan future online marketing options.

Sponsored Business Box

  • From as little as £1.63 per day!
  • Feature your business listing on the JT Directory homepage
  • Display within a specific preferred category
  • Be seen by mobile or desktop users

Sponsored Video

  • From as little as £5.00 per day!
  • Got something to show? Why not show us and we’ll show others for you?
  • All popular formats supported
  • Detail a link to your business and we’ll send you audience to your website or listing


  • From as little as £10.00 per day!
  • Running a promotion or looking to fill ‘quiet time’?
  • Prime position on the JT Directory homepage
  • Monthly slots available with no annual contract required
  • Display text, images and video
  • A great cost-effective way to feature your business

Mobile Banner or MPU

  • From as little as £6.63 per day!
  • Advertise solely on our mobile platform
  • Target a specific audience
  • Feature on the homepage or within a specific category

Homepage Hero Image

  • From as little as £20.00 per day!
  • Our Premium homepage position
  • First image seen by both desktop and mobile users
  • Embed a link to your website or business listing
  • Unique ‘roll-over’ feature included in price (A brief business introduction is shown when users roll-over your image and a call-to-action is presented)

Weather or Flights Sponsors

  • From as little as £3.30 per day!
  • A unique listing opportunity
  • Massive audience viewing potential
  • Your logo or business name detailed
  • Just one month commitment required