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We are an independent asbestos consultancy and inspection body with our own testing laboratories, serving customers within the UK and the Channel Islands.


We are pleased to serve a wide range of private and public sector customers ranging from private home owners and small businesses to health boards and local authorities.


In addition to our three offices within our main regions of work, South Wales (our head office), Guernsey and Jersey, we have a number of remote workers to carry out work in other regions as well as fulfilling nationwide projects.


We can provide a range of asbestos testing services, advice and consultancy to meet your needs:


•  Sampling & testing of materials for asbestos

•  Air monitoring:

– Background testing to determine ambient airborne fibre concentrations
– Leak testing to check that asbestos work enclosures are not releasing airborne fibres
– Reassurance testing to confirm that airborne fibre concentrations are satisfactory following asbestos work or other disturbances
– Personal sampling to determine personal exposure to airborne fibres; as a check of the effectiveness of control measures or to verify the selection of RPE

•  4-stage clearance testing and hygiene unit inspection testing following the completion of licensed asbestos work

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Surveying & Managment
  • Training
  • UKAS Accredited
  • Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys
  • Air Monitoring
  • 4 Stage Clearance Testing
  • Bulk Sampling & Material Identification
  • Re-Inspections