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A popular destination in the United Kingdom, Jersey offers a diverse experience for locals and visitors alike. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the island boasts a superior education system, rich cultural history, family friendly holiday celebrations, exciting annual events and varied landscapes, wildlife and marine life.

Jersey's Signature Events

Jersey has a number of signature events where you can get a great taste of the culture that makes the island such a great place to live and visit.

Jersey National Trust

The Jersey National Trust strives to protect and promote the Island’s unique natural and cultural heritage via acquiring and conserving land, buildings and artefacts, while advocating, researching, educating and participating.


Jersey is home to an advanced network of communications options across many mediums, including mobile internet coverage, high speed internet, a dedicated postal service and several courier companies.

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Blue Islands 205 12:10 pm
EasyJet 2311 12:35 pm
Blue Islands 259 02:10 pm
EasyJet 7023 02:10 pm
EasyJet 6473 03:00 pm
EasyJet 895 06:20 pm
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EasyJet 892 08:45 am
Blue Islands 204 09:50 am
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