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The largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey is located in the English Channel off the coast of France. An island of British dependency, it is a hub of tourism and economics with its own self-governing parliamentary democracy, judicial, financial and legal systems.

Jersey’s stunning beaches, country lanes and cliff trails are some of the best in the world. It is home to unique culture and attractions, including numerous castles and the Jersey War Tunnels, as well as great restaurants, museums, hotels and more. Ideal for individuals and families, Jersey is the perfect destination for a short break or corporate visit.

There is much to do in beautiful Jersey! Our visitor’s guide will point you in the right direction - and the sea is always nearby.

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Jersey Airport
Flybe 6406 08:00 am
EasyJet 723 08:05 am
EasyJet 891 08:15 am
Flybe 561 08:25 am
British Airways 2768 08:25 am
EasyJet 7021 08:45 am
Flybe 6540 09:20 am
Flybe 6351 09:20 am
Loganair Limited 615 09:40 am
Flybe 1574 10:55 am
Flybe 6405 07:00 am
British Airways 2767 07:05 am
Iberia Airlines 7658 07:05 am
Flybe 6350 07:10 am
Flybe 6411 08:20 am
EasyJet 724 08:35 am
EasyJet 892 08:45 am
Flybe 562 08:50 am
Air France 6445 08:50 am
EasyJet 7022 09:15 am

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