Cake and Cabaret

by Jersey Owner Nov 27, 02:02 - 04:02
Le Hocq, St. Clement, Jersey, | Directions
Nov 27 , 02:02 - 04:02

Cake and Cabaret is a variety show for the elderly touring the Parish Halls from 2pm – 4pm every month.
Each month will see a show packed full of music, singing and other unique acts travel to a different parish.
Social isolation is a real concern in today’s world.

Through producing high quality entertainment we aim to raise the bar of what is on offer for the elderly on the Island, improving people’s lives while encouraging them to forge new connections within their community.


If you’re interested in securing a ticket for yourself or a relative please get in touch with your parish hall.
If you would like to volunteer please email


Venue: Optimistic Voices

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