People Make Jersey Our stories of immigration

by Jersey Owner Oct 01 - Dec 31, 10:02 - 04:02
St. Peter Port, Guernsey,
Oct 01 - Dec 31 , 10:02 - 04:02

Jersey’s first permanent settlers arrived around 7,000 years ago. They were driven by a changing climate to seek a new and sheltered place where they could plant their crops and raise their families. Since that time, waves of immigrants have arrived in Jersey.



Some were fleeing religious or political persecution and they found refuge in this Island. Others were economic migrants seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families, from retired English army officers in the 19th century to Breton farm workers in the early 20th century.



Every Jersey resident has an immigration story - whether their family came here 500 years or five years ago. This exhibition explores some of these stories and the ways in which immigration has shaped and influenced the Island we know today.



Normal entry fee applies, Jersey Heritage Members go FREE.

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