Bioluminescence on the Beach

by Jersey Owner Feb 19
La Rocque Harbour
St. Clement,
Feb 19

Wednesday 19 February - 9:15pm to 10:45pm
Friday 20 March - 10pm to 11:30pm

Join us on this evening ‘moonwalk’ across the seabed. As the sea recedes discover the uniqueness of bioluminescent tiny creatures that glow in the dark like fireflies or glow worms and other marine life. You will soon see why this walk is referred to as the ‘moonwalk’.


In just a few hours the ocean will return to cover your footprints by up to 40ft.  Be prepared to get your feet wet.

This is an easy-moderate terrain with time to stop and explore.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

Distance: 1 mile

See our website for more dates and other seabed walks.
Private walks are possible on other dates - subject to low tides.

The departure point is confirmed when you book.

Price: £17.50 adults, £8 children. Wellington boot hire £1.

Advance booking is essential.

Book online at:

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