Liberation Day

by Jersey Owner May 09, 10:30 am
Liberation Square
St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 3QA
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May 09 , 10:30 am

The 9th May is Liberation Day in Jersey, marking the end of the Second World War for Jersey and its inhabitants. The Channel Islands were infamously the only United Kingdom territories to be occupied by the German Forces. Fear and hunger best describe the hardship islanders suffered during nearly five years, leading to intense relief when freedom was finally announced on the 8th May 1945, first by Winston Churchill in London - 'Our Dear Channel islands are also to be freed today' - then by the Bailiff of Jersey, on 9th May, in what has now become Liberation Square in St Helier.



The day is considered as Jersey's national day and is celebrated year after year with bands, parades, services, singing and dancing. Colourful re-enactments are always popular providing a vivid insight in to what happened over 70 years ago.


Programme of Activity in Weighbridge Place

Screening of the activities taking place at Liberation Square – the parades,
Bailiff’s address, community singing, re-enactment of the Liberation etc.

All food stalls will be open and serving hot food. All craft and antique stalls will be open and children’s activities (Carousel)

Live Music on Stage

Optimistic Voices: 1940’s themed Trio. (STAGE)

First walkabout act from previous animators of Liberation day, SWANK: Land Girls.

Choir of 25 students singing in Jèrrais (STAGE).

Jersey Hoppers: 1940’s Dance display piece (FLOOR)

Retro Gramophone: 5 piece Jazz Band. Vocals: Jenny McCarthy (STAGE)

Second Walkabout act from SWANK.

Optimistic Voices second set.(STAGE)

The Word on the Street: 10 piece brass and percussion funk band.(STAGE)

Jersey Hoppers: public participation ‘Learn to Lindy.’(FLOOR)

The Word on the Street. 6 Acappella Brass plus 3 additional musicians (STAGE)

Third walkabout act from SWANK: Land Girls.

Jersey Hoppers: Learn to Lindy Public Participation slot. (FLOOR)

Jersey Big Band: Jazz/Swing Band and 2 singers (STAGE)

Jersey Hoppers: Open dance floor with public to music from Jersey Big Band. (FLOOR)

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