Hypnos Hazel Natural Delux mattress 180cm x200cm £ 600

by DAVID TROTT 25th April 2021

Nearly new Hypnos Hazel Natural Delux mattress 180cm x200cm.

This is a firmer mattress which has been used for a five month period. 

The Hazel Deluxe mattress has been developed using the latest Hypnos developments, but this mattress still retains the traditional, handmade nature of their World famous beds. The Hazel Deluxe has a Pocket Spring system at its core. These springs work like pistons to move up and down as weight is applied, working completely independently from each other, not affecting surrounding springs. The beauty of this method of springing is that each spring can work for a very small, precise area of the body, resulting in an accurate and pressure-relieving level of support, preventing aches and pains from forming overnight.

As the name would suggest, mattresses in the Natural Comfort Collection boast nothing but natural fillings. This is a key aspect of Hypnos mattresses in general, but this new range of mattresses feature some wonderfully natural, deep and luxurious layers of fillings. This mattress has a deep layer of 800gsm New Zealand Wool and a 4000gsm bonded Wool layer to provide a sumptuous and naturally contour hugging surface layer, sumptuously comfortable and luxurious. These two hand-applied layers of Wool are applied to work together to offer soft, comfortable support. Wool is naturally repellent of dust mites and bed bugs and is also exceptionally good at thermoregulation and moisture management.

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