Desperately seeking 2 bedroom house/Cottage £ 0

by dcdrummond10291 24th March 2021

Bedrooms: 2

Qualification: Qualified

Rent Frequency: Monthly

Date available : 24/03/2021



We are a family of 3 desperately looking for a house or a cottage to raise our son. 

We are both Jersey born with all our Quals, I work full time and my partner will be going back to work when our son attends Nursery. 

We are looking for somewhere that has a garden as we love the outdoors and we love to Potter (currently have a balcony) and a car space. Ideal location is St Saviour/St Clements/Grouville-Gorey Due to work and Nursery school attachment but anywhere will be considered. 

We have a Budget of 1700, if you have anything at all please email me directly on the email provided.


Thank you in advance 


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  • Do not pay any money until you or a reliable contact has visited the property with an agent or the landlord.
  • Do not be pressurised into transferring large sums of money. Transfer funds to a bank account having obtained the details by contacting the landlord or agent directly after the above steps have been followed. Be sceptical if you’re asked to transfer any money via a money transfer service like Western Union.

Further help and advice is available from the States of Jersey Police and the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum

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