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by Tina Field 9th, April 2019

Experience hosting with St Brelade’s College



Hosting international students is a unique experience for everyone within the household and has financial benefits too. Whether you are looking to host adult or junior students you can gain from new friendships, new insights and new memories.



Adult and junior students of different nationalities come to study at St Brelade’s College throughout the year, particularly during holiday periods. They come for differing lengths of time, from one week to a few months. Homestay is a popular choice amongst them, as it gives them a chance to get to know our island and culture better, learn the language and meet new people.



Homestay is the provision of a comfortable home environment for students, including meals. Hosting adults and juniors has its differences so your choice will depend on what you hope to get out of hosting, your availability and the space you have available. Hosting isn’t just for people at home or working part-time, you can work full-time too and our hosts include a broad mix of individuals, couples, families, single parents and retired people.



With over 40 years’ experience and the British Council accreditation, St Brelade’s College provides full support to all hosts to ensure students’ welfare and integration into local homes whilst on the island.



During the summer, you can earn £1,400 for 14 nights by hosting up to four juniors at one time (maximum two students per room). More information can be found on or by calling 741305.



Please note: Early sign-up is essential if you would like to host juniors, to ensure that DBS checks are received in time for you to host.

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