Clock Tower Classified

by Tina Field 11th, December 2018

The Marketing Bureau are giving you the chance to advertise on the Clock Tower for as little as £250 a month.


Situated in Jersey’s busiest high-street, the island’s largest outdoor digital screen targets 10,000+ people daily.  This includes the 72% of the working population based in St Helier.


Weekly footfall results show over 200,000 people in the King Street area each week.  This figure is constantly increasing with the development of Jersey’s Finance Centre based on the Waterfront; with two buildings already open and more to be built.  This means more people are using the cut through at Charing Cross to get into town.


We want to give everyone the chance to advertise on the digital screen so that’s why we've set up Clock Tower Classifieds.  Made-up of 5 second adverts, rotating for 13 hours per day.


Email or visit for more information.


If you're looking for maximum exposure, without having to pay huge costs, then this promotion is perfect for you.

Posted by Tina Field
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