Property Safety

by JT Directory 31st May 2019

Jersey Property Safety


Keeping Your Home Safe


Do you know how to keep your home safe? These tips will help!


  • Do not open the door to strangers or cold callers
  • Ask utility company employees for identification
  • Ensure that your home is well lit
  • Watch out for individuals loitering outside or near your home
  • Fit your door with a chain and spy hole


If you have been burgled…


  • Stay safe - ensure that the perpetrators are no longer in the house
  • Do not touch anything
  • Take note of anything that is missing or unusual
  • Contact the police - dial 999 for emergencies or 612612 for non emergencies
  • Contact Jersey Crimestoppers - 0900 555 111
  • Contact Victim Support - 08 08 16 89 111
  • Contact Honorary Police Jersey


Avoid leaving your house attractive to criminals by doing the following:


  • Closing windows
  • Installing a burglar alarm
  • Installing security lighting
  • Leaving lights on
  • Hiding valuables from view
  • Keeping a spare key in a secure spot
  • Trimming grass
  • Putting tools and ladders away



Keeping Your Car Safe


If you car has been broken into, please do the following:


  • Dial 612612, the non-emergency number, and report it to the police!
  • Dial 999 if you witness the break in and tell the police that the offender is close by
  • Inform your insurance company and, if necessary, make a claim.
  • Avoid touching the exterior or interior of your car to assist the police in their investigation
  • Photograph any damage
  • Make not of items that are missing


Here are some helpful tips for the prevention of car theft:


  • Do not leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition or the door
  • Do not leave valuables in your car
  • Lock your sunroof, windows and boot
  • Always park in a well lit area or secure car park
  • Do not leave credit cards, cheque books or important documents in your car
  • Install car anti theft devices such as fuel caps and wheel nuts
  • If possible, remove your car’s sat nav, stereo and/or other electrical items


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