Tunnel Vision?

by Jersey Owner 7th December 2018


On initial consideration, the idea of a tunnel running deep underwater connecting the two islands sounds quite preposterous right?  Whatever next? you might well ask.  And, come to think of it, has the suggestion not been floated before (Pardon the pun)?


However, with imminent decisions due on Brexit potentially cutting-off all ties with Europe, the always present problems of inter-island links and the wish to establish a more reliable, even permanent, connection between the two islands has caused the subject to re-surface (Pardon the pun ... again!) in some circles.


The theory behind the idea is sound.  Building costs would be recouped from service charges with the tunnel, over-time anyway, essentially paying for itself.  There is even the thought that reduced living costs could be made available to residents of both islands with the opportunities the link would present with regards to where you might chose to live.  A 30-minute commute doesn't, on paper anyway, present much of a problem to most.


But just how feasible is it?  


In 1994, the Channel Tunnel opened allowing passengers to travel the 23.5 miles between Folkestone and Callais in relative comfort and quite some ease.  Travel time is, on average, around 30 minutes also.  It took 6 years to build and cost an eye-watering £4.65 billion!  And that was then.


Not so far away, in a group of 18 islands in the Norwegian Sea called the Faroe Islands, residents can already make use of 19 bridges and tunnels to travel around the islands and they are building more.  The latest is 11 miles long and reaches as far down as 190ft.  It's due to open at the end of 2019.  The results of such engineering are reduced congestion and travel times as well as an arguably nicer travel experience for the user, especially in bad weather.


So yes, it could be done.  But how much will it cost?


Around £600 million!


What do you think?  Could this be considered money well spent?  Would you use it even?


Guernsey is only 27 miles away from Jersey (Shortest distance anyway) and Alderney is then only a further 22 miles after that.  France is a mere 14 miles away.  


Tell us what you think.  Is it time, at long last, for us to work together to join-up the dots?


Posted by Jersey Owner
Friday, 7th December 2018, 12:42.
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