Emergency Numbers

by Buddy Love 1st May 2016


To make an emergency call for Fire, Police, Ambulance or Lifeboat DIAL 112 or 999

Calls for this service are free and can be made from any telephone or mobile handset

In all other situations contact the relevant services



24 HOUR Emergency Services

Ambulance Headquarters (01534) 444710

District Nurses (Family Nursing and Home Care) (01534) 443600

Out of Hours GP Service (01534) 445445

Police Headquarters (01534) 612612

Jersey General Hospital (01534) 622000

Jersey Water 24 Hour Emergency Response (01534) 707302

Jersey Electricity Emergency (01534) 505050

Jersey Gas Emergency (01534) 755555

Emergency Planning Officer (01534) 440621

Fire and Rescue Services (01534) 445906

Animal Health and Welfare Emergency (01534) 441617

Animals' Shelter (01534) 724331

Crimestoppers Jersey 0800 555 111

Jersey Coastguard (01534) 447705

Belgian Consul (01534) 602332

Danish Consul (01534) 760760

Finish Consul (01534) 676339

French Consul (01534) 726256

German Consul 07797 713230

Icelandic Consul (01534) 789441

Irish Consul (01534) 745551

Italian Consul (01534) 853167

Norwegian Consul (01534) 730175

Portuguese Consul (01534) 877188

Rwandan Consul (01534) 862300

Spanish Consul (01534) 720575

Swedish Consul (01534) 740204

Swiss Consul (Guernsey) (01481) 710267

Dutch Consul (Guernsey) (01481) 241721

Philippine Consul (Guernsey) (01481) 711742

Pollution Hotline (01534) 709535

Samaritans 0845 790 9090

Women’s Refuge 0800 735 6836

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (01534) 519000
(For concerns about the immediate safety /welfare of a child)

Adult Social Services (01534) 444440
(For concerns about the immediate safety /welfare of an adult)


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