Rubbish and Rubbish Collection

by Buddy Love 1st May 2016

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

Weekly bin collection is offered in every parish and all parishes offer recycling points for glass, metal packaging, paper, plastic bottles and textiles. Offerings vary per parish so it is best to check details on the government website - For a quick guide we offer the following.  

Kerbside Collections

Every parish has one rubbish collection per week, please refer to your parish website or Connétable for your parish date. Some recyclables are collected kerbside. This varies by parish and homeowners should acquaint themselves with efforts in their parish.

Green Garden Waste

Residential green garden waste should be taken to La Collette household green waste reception. Commercial garden waste is not accepted.

Do note that they cannot recycle harmful plants or items that are not suitable for composting so make sure that any green waste you bring to La Collette does not contain:

  • metals
  • plastics
  • animal faeces
  • soiled animal bedding
  • treated or processed wood
  • wooden posts or fencing
  • large stones
  • glass
  • string
  • harmful plants


The following plants are considered noxious weeds and should not be thrown away with other green or garden waste:

  • ragwort
  • broad and curly leaf dock
  • japanese knotweed
  • bracken



Most parishes have recycling centres, however, some parishes also have a monthly kerbside collection of specific recyclables and St Helier has a fortnightly collection. For larger items you should use the recycling centre. Here your waste will either dumped or separated into the recycling bins.

All items which are delivered to the recycling points should be:

  • clean (cans, plastic bottles, textiles)
  • empty (cans, plastic bottles)


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Sunday, 1st May 2016, 11:45.
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